What to do After an Accident Download App

The minutes immediately following an accident are filled with adrenaline-fueled shock, pain, fear, and confusion. The trauma can cloud your thinking. You may forget, or be unable, to take photos of all the vehicles involved. You may make admissions that could come back to bite you later. There might be witnesses—were you able to get their contact information for later?

These and other considerations fall away in the face of getting medical attention. That’s why we have compiled the resources on this page to help you navigate the aftermath of an injury accident.

At Tony S. Kalogerakos, Esq.-Injury Lawyers, we strive to provide every client with the information they need to make informed choices during a stressful time. We are here to answer your questions and calm your fears. And when you encounter potholes on the road to recovery, we are the crew working to fill and smooth them out. Tony S. Kalogerakos, Esq.-Injury Lawyers isn’t just your personal injury legal team—we are your advocates, intervening whenever and wherever needed to help you focus on healing.

We have developed a proprietary app to help you remember the things you should attempt to do when involved in an accident. Download it here. The personal injury lawyers at Tony S. Kalogerakos, Esq.-Injury Lawyers are as close as your phone. Call or text us to speak with a member of our team day or night, seven days a week. You don’t have to endure the trauma of an accident alone.