Firm Overview

Tony S. Kalogerakos, Esq.-Injury Lawyers is a prestigious boutique injury and wrongful death firm that has distinguished itself as one of the top injury law firms in the country. Established in Chicago, Illinois, the firm is headquartered in Lincolnwood and serves clients throughout the state. In 2017, Injury Lawyers opened an office in New York, and in 2023, expanded services into Arizona.

For more than a decade, Tony S. Kalogerakos, Esq.-Injury Lawyers has helped people injured by someone else’s negligence recover damages for their injuries. As personal injury attorneys, our primary goal is to help make you whole after an accident. We are specialists in all types of transportation-related accidents where another person’s carelessness caused you harm.

Accidents are traumatic, and when your injuries are caused by someone else’s negligence, the trauma is heightened. Your life is turned upside down: perhaps your car is wrecked, or you’re unable to work. There is the expense of doctor’s visits, physical therapy, and car repair or replacement costs—and that’s just the material trauma. Personal injury accidents bring their share of emotional anguish as you try to regain a sense of normalcy. It’s during these times that having an advocate who cares about you can make all the difference.

Why Our Clients Choose Tony S. Kalogerakos, Esq.-Injury Lawyers

When you have been injured and need to file a lawsuit, you have dozens of attorneys from which to choose. Here are a few of the many reasons clients choose to work with Tony S. Kalogerakos, Esq.-Injury Lawyers.

Exclusive Focus on Personal Injury

As our name suggests, Tony S. Kalogerakos, Esq.-Injury Lawyers focuses exclusively on personal injury matters, including traffic accidents, dog bites, slip and fall, daycare negligence, defective products, workers’ compensation, and wrongful death. Limiting our practice areas to injury cases has enabled us to amass a depth of knowledge and experience in these areas, and to consistently obtain the highest awards for our clients.

Because injured persons may be able to recover damages even if they are partially at fault in some cases, it is important to speak to an injury attorney with a thorough understanding of the laws that govern personal injury and contributory negligence rules.

Seasoned Trial Attorneys and Effective Negotiators

We are trial attorneys in the truest sense; we are as comfortable before a judge and jury as we are at drafting a legal brief. As experienced advocates, we anticipate the opposition’s moves and prepare to counter them. The firm’s founder and principal attorney, Tony S.Kalogerakos is the kind of attorney clients and judges love (and opponents love to hate), because he comes prepared to fight tooth and nail on his clients’ behalf.

In more than a decade of practice, Tony has distinguished himself as a vocal, no-nonsense advocate who leaves nothing on the table. A skilled interviewer whose probing questions often uncover facts that can turn a case in his favor, he has earned a reputation as an attorney who comes thoroughly prepared and vigorously pursues his clients’ rights.

Empathy for Injury Victims

Tony Kalogerakos’ legal expertise is matched only by the compassion he has for his clients, a sensitivity informed by personal experience. As the survivor of a near-fatal car wreck, Tony has been in his clients’ shoes: he has experienced the pain and trauma that accompanies accidents. And he knows the value of having legal representation that is sensitive to the entire spectrum of an accident victim’s experience.

Commitment to Honesty and Ethics

The entire Tony S. Kalogerakos, Esq.-Injury Lawyers team is committed to bringing ethics and a passion for justice to every client and every case. Honesty and integrity are core values of our firm, both when advising our clients and when advocating for them. We work with highly-regarded expert witnesses who are respected for both their depth of knowledge and for their integrity. Our commitment to ethical practice gives us greater credibility in the courtroom.

Compassionate, Straightforward Advice

Our attorneys offer both the compassion that injury victims deserve, and the straight talk they need. We have a deep understanding of injury law, and will never sugarcoat the facts about the strengths and weaknesses of a case. We respect our clients and believe they deserve the truth so they can make informed decisions.

Responsive Communication

A serious injury makes life feel out of control; feeling uninformed about your legal matter makes things even worse. That is why, throughout every step of the process, we make sure you know what’s going on with your case. Our responsiveness is just one of the reasons why 100 percent of former clients surveyed say they would recommend Tony S. Kalogerakos, Esq.-Injury Lawyers to a friend.


Tony S. Kalogerakos, Esq.-Injury Lawyers has earned a reputation for achieving top results for injured clients involved in all types of personal injury cases. Many of the firm’s multi-million awards are confidential in nature, for both clients' privacy and at the request of the defendants, many of which are large trucking firms and ride-share companies in the United States.

Of course, not every case is worth millions of dollars, but every case matters deeply to the person injured—and to our firm. Regardless of the dollar value of a case, our commitment remains the same: in the words of our founder Tony S. Kalogerakos, “to provide the highest quality legal representation delivered in an honest, professional manner to enrich the lives of our clients.”

To learn more about our firm and how we can help you, contact Tony S. Kalogerakos, Esq.-Injury Lawyers to schedule a consultation.