Kristin Payne’s interest in the law was stoked by all the law shows she watched as a youngster growing up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Years later, after joining her husband in the States, an opportunity arose to apply for a legal receptionist job at a young law firm in Chicago. She applied thinking it would be a good way to get her foot in the door.

That legal receptionist job soon turned into a paralegal position and now, eight years later, Kristin is the Director of Legal Operations for Arizona, the latest location to join the Tony S. Kalogerakos, Esq.-Injury Lawyers family of legal services. In this role Kristin is the one clients turn to for help understanding what to expect. She’s the one who explains how bills will be paid, offers advice on the timing of property damage claims, and generally guides clients as they wind their way through the legal process.

Constant growth and building a strong family foundation are integral parts of her DNA. When not at work you can find the fitness enthusiast working out, cooking, and appreciating sunrises.