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Each year, a number of people are harmed in workplace settings in Illinois and throughout the United States. If you have been injured or sustained an illness on the job, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, the process is not always as straightforward as it may seem, so retaining a workers’ compensation lawyer can be critical in preserving your rights. At Tony S. Kalogerakos, Esq.-Injury Lawyers, we are committed to providing personalized and detail-oriented representation in each and every claim.

Bringing a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Illinois

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were approximately 2.9 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private industry employers in 2016. There were about 5,000 fatal injuries on the job recorded in the United States that year. Work injuries involving transportation incidents remained the most common fatal event in 2016, followed by violence and other injuries by persons or animals and then slips or trips and falls. In Illinois, there were a total of 171 fatal injuries and countless more non-fatal workplace injuries in 2016.

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act governs the workers’ compensation system in Illinois. Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that pays monetary benefits to workers who become injured, ill, or disabled during the scope and course of employment. These benefits typically cover medical costs associated with the job-related injury or disease, a portion of lost wages, and certain disability benefits, if necessary. The specific benefits that a worker will be entitled to receive will depend on his or her injury, and a workers’ compensation attorney can advise on which benefits they may be able to obtain.

Workers’ compensation covers almost every employee in Illinois, and the coverage kicks in at the moment that a worker begins his or her job. Employers in Illinois are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for their employees, and the insurance company will pay out the benefits in the event of an injury or illness. The program is entirely free for the employee. It is important to note that the Illinois workers’ compensation system is a no-fault system. This means that if you are injured on the job, you do not need to show that your injury or illness was a result of someone’s negligence. You have a statutory right to compensation as long as you can show that you suffered the injury or illness while you were on the job. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you prove that your harm arose from the job if the insurer challenges this part of your claim.

When you are injured in a car accident or another incident on the job, you should notify your employer immediately. You must include the date and place of your accident in your notice. You can tell your employer orally or in writing, although it is recommended that you file the notice in writing for documentation purposes. Your employer will then notify the insurance company of your claim, and the insurer will then either approve or deny it. If the claim is approved, you will start receiving benefits.

If the insurance company denies your claim for benefits, you can appeal this decision by filing an Application for Adjustment of Claim with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, an impartial government agency responsible for resolving workers’ compensation claims between employees and employers. In most cases, you must file the application for adjustment within three years after your injury or illness. However, this is a general rule, and there may be an exception that applies. We can review your case and help you understand what to do next.

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If you have sustained a workplace injury or contracted an illness at work, you may be entitled to a range of benefits under the state workers’ compensation system. At Injury Lawyers, we can evaluate the facts of your case and help you get the benefits that you are rightfully entitled to receive. You can rest assured that we can help maximize the value of your claim. We serve clients throughout Illinois and the United States.

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