Other Vehicle Accidents

Among users of nonmotorized transportation, it is most often cyclists who sustain injuries while riding. The summer months, beginning in May and continuing through October, are when bicycle-involved accidents are most likely to occur. Common injuries include getting doored by an inattentive driver exiting a parked car, or being snagged and dragged by the wheels of a right-turning vehicle. The results are often deadly.

The National Safety Council tracks the incidence of preventable injuries and deaths by transportation mode. Motorized vehicles—passenger cars, light duty trucks and vans, buses, and trains—collectively pose the greatest risk, and account for one in seven incidents the agency records. It’s to be expected that travelers in personal light duty vehicles face the greatest risk of injury or death. Injuries to bus riders have declined, but there has been an increase in the incidence of injuries to persons riding trains.

The bottom line is that injuries due to another’s negligence can and do happen no matter what transportation mode you’re using. If you are injured in any kind of vehicle, you will need a personal injury attorney who not only is well-versed in the law, but who also has the resources to thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident. Your ideal attorney will have a team of reconstruction experts available to determine the accident’s exact cause and provide the scientific evidence to support your case for damages. The personal injury attorneys at Injury Lawyers of Illinois, New York and Arizona prepare each case as if they will go to trial. This exacting preparation gives their clients the reassurance and peace of mind knowing that they are getting the best representation available while they recover from their injuries.