Rideshare Accident Attorney Assisting Victims in Rogers Park

Rogers Park is a community of 18,693 that prides itself on its diversity, its 10 beaches, and its vibrant and engaged residents. More than 80 countries are represented among Rogers Park’s population. Situated 10 miles north of Chicago’s Central Business District, the community’s eastern boundary is Lake Michigan; on the west is Ridge Avenue; the northern and southern borders are Howard Street and Devon Avenue, respectively.

Home to Loyola University, a significant portion of Rogers Park’s population is either in college (10.3 percent) or a college graduate (29 percent), some of the highest numbers in the city. It boasts a high number of residents with advanced degrees: 10.7 percent hold Master’s degrees; 3.5 percent earned professional degrees; and 3.4 percent have earned doctorates, twice the city average. Family households make up a third of the population, and an astonishing 121.8 percent of children ages 3 to K12 are enrolled in private schools.

The community is well served by public transportation modes. Seven bus lines, a rapid transit train and a commuter train line service provide residents with a variety of transportation options. Bicyclists make heavy use of the Lakefront Trail. Not surprisingly, 42 percent of its residents either walk or take public transportation to work, according to research commissioned by the Rogers Park Business Association.

In many ways, Rogers Park’s demographics make it a strong candidate for high utilization of ridesharing services. The community is people-dense; at 22,689 people per square mile compared to 11,909 for Chicago as a whole, according to research compiled by A recent article by found that that rideshare use and awareness goes up with income: 49 percent of users earn more than $30,000 annually. Young adults aged 16-34 account for more than half the US market for rideshare use such as Uber and Lyft, otherwise known as Transportation Network Company (TNC). In fact, one transportation consultant and former New York City Department of Transportation official projects that this year, TNC and taxi passengers will outstrip bus ridership nationwide. And as rideshare use has grown, so have the number of accidents involving for-hire vehicles.

If you are injured in an accident involving a rideshare vehicle, it is important to protect your rights. Regulations concerning shared rides are evolving, and you need knowledgeable legal assistance to navigate the process for recovering damages in these situations. That’s why you need the Rogers Park personal injury attorneys at Injury Lawyers of Illinois on your personal recovery team.

We are dedicated to helping injured people regain a sense of normalcy after they’ve been injured in an accident caused by someone else. We know the community because our principal attorney lived there while earning his undergraduate degree at Loyola. If you have been injured in an accident, call the law firm that knows Rogers Park: Injury Lawyers of Illinois. Our Lincolnwood office is only minutes from Rogers Park: call us at (847) 982-9516 for a free consultation or visit us online at

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