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Among its many distinctions, the Village of Niles, a community 15 miles north of Chicago, is known as the home of St. Adalbert Cemetery, whose number of burials makes it the largest in the Chicago Archdiocese. Formerly known as Old Bohemian Cemetery and Old Polish Cemetery, it is the final resting place of George "Papa Bear" Halas, the owner, founder and former head coach of the Chicago Bears. A lesser known distinction of Niles is the village's linguistic diversity.

Nearly 70 percent of its 29,000 residents are naturalized citizens; 42 percent were foreign born; and more than a third speak an Indo-European language such as Polish, Greek, Russian or Spanish. At home, almost half of Niles residents speak a language other than English. Among foreign-born residents, 84 percent speak a language other than English at home.

It's no surprise, then, that when they are involved in a car, truck, bike or rideshare accident, a significant number of Niles residents seek assistance from the personal injury lawyers at Injury Lawyers of Illinois. That's because they know our clients can get legal assistance in the language they feel most comfortable using, be it English, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Assyrian, Croatian, or Bosnian. And when your life is disrupted by an injury accident, you want the reassurance of knowing that your legal advocate is empathetic, speaks your language, and gets results.

An older, established community, the average age of Niles residents is 49. Of those residents employed outside the home, almost 80 percent drive their cars to work. Insurance company statistics have found that most traffic accidents occur within 25 miles of home. And although Illinois has ranked among states with the lowest rates of fatal car crashes, it is worth noting that the period between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. - when people are headed home from work - consistently posts the highest percentage of fatal accidents, followed by the interval between 6 p.m. and midnight.

Niles personal injury attorney Tony S. Kalogerakos is the attorney of choice for many traffic accident victims in the area. He understands the trauma that accompanies any type of accident where injuries are involved, and works to minimize their impact on his clients.

That work begins the moment an injured person contacts his Lincolnwood office. Clients don't have to navigate Chicago streets (unless they want to visit his downtown office) to get assistance. When our clients call Injury Lawyers of Illinois, they get their attorney, one who knows every stage of their claim. Compassionate and caring support staff ensure that injured clients get their questions answered promptly. And any problems that may arise, such as medical bills and car repairs, are handled with expedience and efficiency.

Injured people have many choices when it comes to hiring an attorney to file their claim. Those who choose the personal injury lawyers at Injury Lawyers of Illinois can rest assured that their case will receive the full attention and aggressive representation that makes it the firm other personal injury lawyers refer clients to.

The Niles personal injury attorneys at Injury Lawyers of Illinois offer free initial consultations at no cost to you. To make an appointment to discuss your case, call (847) 982-9516, or visit us on the web at

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