Daycare Negligence

As a parent, you strive to ensure that your child is safe and protected. Even when you have to be away from them, you do your very best to choose a daycare facility that is reputable and will provide your child with a safe, enriching environment.

Receiving a phone call that your child was injured at daycare, or arriving to pick your child up only to find that your child has been hurt is a parent’s worst nightmare. You may have gotten a phone call that your child was taken to the hospital, or even worse, that your child has been gravely or fatally injured. In some cases, parents simply get home and notice their child has a terrible diaper rash or is so hungry, it appears they have not eaten at all while at daycare.

While most daycare facilities do provide a safe environment to the children entered into their care, some facilities exhibit gross negligence or carelessness. Common examples of daycare negligence can include:

  • Failure to properly supervise children on play equipment, leading to accidents on the playground
  • Failure to properly supervise children in the facility, leading to children coming into contact with dangerous objects or falling from high chairs or diaper changing stations
  • Failure to provide proper hygiene to children, resulting in diaper rash and other conditions
  • Failure to provide proper nutrition to children

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