Case Results

Truck accident award $10 million Settlement for a truck accident—one of the year’s highest settlements by an Illinois firm for any type of injury.

Car accident award $4.75 million Mediation award for a car accident where our client sustained a serious arm injury. It was our firm’s investigation that determined the defendant was 100% liable by impounding his truck, and having our expert engineer determine that he was speeding just before impact.

Medical malpractice award $2,000,000.00 Total award with co-counsel for a medical malpractice matter which involved a dog bite that led to a preventable infection and ultimately, death. Part of the award included a prior $300,000.00 tendering of limits for the dog Bite via the homeowner’s insurance policy directly to the client.

Truck accident award $1,700,000.00 Award for a truck accident matter; the previous lawyer was entertaining a few hundred thousand award.

Truck accident award $1,031,000.00 The total gross award was obtained one week before a two-week scheduled trial for a truck driver that struck by another truck on one of the foggiest recorded days in Illinois. The at-fault party highly contested this matter due to a multi-car pile-up that occurred just before this accident and because of client’s prior injuries; however, we retained experts to connect all injuries and lost wages. The initial offer on the personal injury case was $20,000.00.

Car accident award $1,000,000.00 Award for a car accident case which was turned down by many high profile personal injury firms.

Truck accident award $800,000.00 A tow truck accident. The driver struck and left the scene of the occurrence. Mr. Kalogerakos' investigation led to the driver of the tow truck, and additional insurance coverage.

Vehicle accident award $650,000.00 For a Federal Express van accident. The worker’s compensation carrier denied the surgery, but Mr. Kalogerakos still prevailed under the PI carrier.

Car accident award $465,000.00 Award obtained for a contested car accident involving a failure to stop/yield argument.

Car accident award $422,000.00 For a car accident client who suffered a slip and fall a few days after the occurrence. Mr. Kalogerakos was able to prove all the injuries occurred as a result of the Car accident.

Workplace accident award $419,330.45 Award for a worker who was struck by a fork-lift driver. Our firm was able to secure the video footage which ultimately led the at-fault party to accept liability. The initial report had indicated that our client moved in front of fork-lift and was not paying attention.

Vehicle accident award $334,000.00 Award for a family struck in the expressway during construction season, and while the traffic was merging.

Dog Bite award $300,000.00 For a Dog Bite client. The first attorney handling the case was entertaining a $50,000.00 resolution.

Personal injury award $300,000.00 For a resident who sustained rib fractures in a porch collapse in Rogers Park. The accident left our client homeless; our firm was also got the at-fault party to pay for the client’s hotel stay while being treated and awaiting settlement.

Car accident award $284,000.00 For passengers who sustained a fractured ankle and fractured ribs when a turning v the vehicle they were riding in was struck by a turning vehicle.

Negligence award $280,000.00 A day-to-day nursing home patient was dropped while being moved from bed. Despite their initial denial, we proved that the nursing home was negligent.

$275,000.00 For a car accident involving a grocery store employee who was allegedly switching lanes when the accident took place.

Personal injury award $256,000.00 For a worker who was injured during a traffic stop and was unable to return to his original employment position.

Uninsured Motorists award $250,000.00 Won the award for a client who suffered a fractured elbow when an uninsured car rear-ended his vehicle.

Pedestrian accident award $250,000.00 Policy limits were obtained for a pedestrian struck while crossing the street by an elderly individual who contested the claim.

$250,000.00 Secured for the victim of a drunk driver. We obtained toxicology reports which ultimately led to an acceptance of liability.

$250,000.00 Secured policy limits for a woman who collided with a vehicle at full speed and ultimately led to shoulder surgery.

Car/Truck accident award $250,000.00 Award obtained for a client who suffered a shoulder injury and a torn rotator cuff resulting from a three car and truck accident. The case was highly contested because of prior injuries.

$250,000.00 Secured policy limits for a client injured in a car accident in Rolling Meadows. The client suffered an elbow fracture which required surgery.

Worker's comp award $240,000.00 Won the worker's compensation award with co-counsel for a client who was, in the words of the arbitrator, "low balled" before retaining our services.

$225,000.00 We secured an award from travelers insurance for a contested matter involving a car accident. Travelers Insurance initially delayed award because there was no ambulance used, no emergency room visit, and gaps in treatment.

$200,000.00 Award for a car accident which occurred in Chicago, Illinois. The client suffered knee injuries, including a torn ACL.

Personal injury award $200,000.00 Represented a widow whose spouse was run over in a banquet hall parking lot. The award consisted of both the deceased husband's estate and his wife obtaining the policy limits.

Worker's comp award $187,500.00 Worker's compensation award for a client who was nearing retirement. The firm was able to introduce the fact that a $20 piece of equipment would have avoided the entire occurrence, but the owners failed to buy such tool.

Bus accident award $175,000.00 Obtained for Illinois passengers involved in a bus accident. The bus was traveling through the Midwest.

$160,000.00 For shoulder injuries sustained in a rear-end, high impact car accident.

$145,680.54 For a client traveling to Chicago from Arizona injured in a car accident in Niles, Illinois.

Motorcycle accident award $145,000.00 For a motorcycle accident during work hours. The policy limit of $25,000.00 was obtained from Geico Insurance; an additional $125,000.00 was awarded via a worker's compensation matter.

$135,000.00 From Kemper Insurance for a client who refused a recommended surgery. The firm was able to prove that the surgery was inevitable, even though the client did not want to have the surgery.

Vehicle accident award $128,639.06 Award paid by state farm insurance to clients struck by a vehicle in Chicago. The clients only suffered soft tissue injuries.

Elevator accident award $125,000.00 For an Elevator accident. The elevator dropped a few inches and caused cervical injuries to our client.

Worker's comp award $125,000.00 Worker's compensation award for a client who suffered a bicep tear resulting in surgical intervention.

Unrestrained animal award $121,000.00 Obtained for a client knocked down by a dog that ran out of the yard in a residential neighborhood.

$120,000.00 A Michigan resident was involved in a car accident in Illinois and suffered soft tissue injuries.

Workplace accident award $120,000.00 Won for an employee that suffered nerve damage as a result of a shattered window at a Subway restaurant.

$112,000.00 For a driver in a vehicle where no other passenger suffered any injuries. Despite the fact that the opposing counsel was able to retrieve thousands of pages of prior records, our firm was still able to obtain a favorable outcome.

Workplace accident award $110,000.00 For a warehouse employee whose toe was run over by a fork-lift.

$107,500.00 For a driver struck by a vehicle which failed to yield in Roselle, Illinois.

$103,719.81 Award for a mother and her children as a result of a driver who disobeyed a traffic red-light signal.

Worker’s comp award $100,000.00 We recovered on a contested worker’s compensation matter involving minor back injuries. Although the bills were contested, they were ultimately paid after a pre-trial conference.

$100,000.00 We obtained policy limits from Hartford insurance without filing a lawsuit for a client who sustained fractured ribs resulting from a Car accident.

$100,000.00 Obtained for a minor passenger who suffered soft tissue injuries, including neck, back and knee.

$100,000.00 Obtained from American Family Insurance for a client who underwent a series of injections for injuries suffered in a car accident.

$100,000.00 Secured policy limits from country financial for a contested side swipe accident.

$100,000.00 Obtained for an elderly passenger who suffered a fractured rib and face abrasions from the airbag deployment when the vehicle she was in was struck.

$100,000.00 For a husband and wife who suffered soft tissue injuries in an accident. The initial adjustor argued that the treatments mirrored each other; the firm was able to prove the injuries still existed as a result of their negligence.

$100,000.00 Won policy limits from Allstate insurance for a client who required a dozen stitches after an accident which left a scar.

$100,000.00 Obtained policy limits for a client injured in an accident in Algonquin, Illinois. The insurance company had offered $1,000.00 to settle her case prior to retaining our firm.

$100,000.00 Obtained policy limits from Esurance for a client who underwent injections resulting from a car accident in Roselle, Illinois.

$100,000.00 Policy limits for a passenger who sustained rib fractures in an accident while visiting California.

$100,000.00 Won against an Uber driver for striking a police officer in Wrigleyville.

$100,000.00 Secured policy limits from Allstate Insurance for a car accident case in Morton Grove, Illinois which involved significant prior medical history with limited damage to the vehicle.

$100,000.00 Obtained via two policies: the at-fault party for $50,000.00 and difference of $50,000.00 from our client’s policy for injuries sustained which required an extensive hospital stay. Most of the charges did not concern the accident, but we were able to prove that but for the accident, such stay would not be required.

$100,000.00 We obtained policy limits from farmers insurance for a car passenger who suffered injuries on I-55.

$100,000.00 Recovered damages for knee injuries sustained by client who was struck by a speeding driver.

Motorcycle accident award $100,000.00 We obtained policy limits from farmers insurance for a motorcycle accident in DuPage County.

Motorcycle accident award $100,000.00 Won policy limits for a motorcycle driver client who was cited in the accident. The firm was able to prove via witnesses that the other driver was majority at-fault.

Pedestrian accident award $100,000.00 Successfully obtained policy limits for the estate of a pedestrian struck and killed in the middle of the cross walk. The defense highly contested this matter due to failure to walk on the cross walk.

Pedestrian accident award $100,000.00 Our client was a pedestrian who suffered shoulder injuries when struck by a turning vehicle on Chicago’s west side.

Personal injury award $100,000.00 Recovered policy limits for a client whose foot was run over in a retail parking lot.

Truck accident award $100,000.00 Our client was rear-ended by a pick-up truck and underwent cervical injections.

Truck accident award $100,000.00 This was a highly contested highway accident involving construction trucks. The at-fault party argued that the flagger was not present, but our firm was able to secure statements from the other witnesses which suggested the defendant was speeding when entering the construction zone.

Texting & driving Confidential award for a father of three killed by a teenager who was texting and driving.

Wrong-way driver Confidential award for a husband and father who was struck by a wrong-way driver on the Eisenhower Expressway. The client sustained dozens of fractures and underwent several surgeries, including grafts and knee replacements, and a long-term therapy plan at a rehabilitation clinic. The client was ultimately rendered permanently disabled.

Client Reviews

I love people that are aggressive, I love people that don’t take no for an answer. Tony is that type of person; he doesn’t take no for an answer. I say Trust Tony; he’ll take care of you; he’ll do the best for you. Tony is an honest person.


Excellent service. Changed my life. He handled my case fast. He kept me updated on everything about my case. He is an honest lawyer. I would recommend him 100%. A friend recommended him: he told me, if you want a good lawyer, go to him.


He was very upfront. I would rate him a 5 out of 5. I would definitely recommend him. He was very knowledgeable of everything that needed to be done with my case.


Tony Kalogerakos is a great guy and the best attorney on the planet!
I think one of his best character traits is his 100% concern about you as a person. He will find justice for your situation.


The service from beginning to end was excellent, amazing. Service was... topnotch service; I didn’t have to take care of anything. Tony and his employees would call me with any updates they had... they kept me informed step by step on what’s going on with things.